Activate your members and deploy them into their neighborhood, local community, and the world.

Empowering Church Leadership:

Implementing solutions to help members and leaders embrace a new missional mindset

Our growth and knowledge as church leaders are the greatest tools to mobilize church members as beacons of hope and healing within our communities and beyond. 2022’s PEACE Training Program provides innovative solutions and groundbreaking thought leadership to help you turn ordinary believers into active changemakers.

Your Church.
More Active & Mobilized Than Ever.

Please join us for this limited Virtual Training Program to reset and renew your church’s strength and energy. This series is a training program consisting of one-hour sessions, spread over the course of the next year, designed to reinvigorate your church’s model for missions.

Program Sessions:

Session 1:
Importance of the

Activate members who are idle in your church and empower them to serve.

Session 2:
Initiate Local and
Global Outreach

Get to know PEACE Training and discover the PEACE process.

Session 3:
The Authentic
Mission of God
Equip your church members to live their lives on mission.
Session 4:
5 Purposes for PEACE

Learn and apply the “5 Purposes” in your disciple-making process.

Session 5:
Raising up
Purpose Leaders

Discover who “Purpose Leaders” are, along with their importance, roles, and responsibilities.

Session 6:
Tools for Mission Leaders
A quick-start guide to mobilizing church members as beacons of God’s mission in your community.
Session 7:
Tools for Senior

8 Essentials and an in-depth operating system to lead your church to health.

Session 8:
Harnessing your Team’s
Unique Giftings

Help members assess and apply their spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences.

Session 9:
Missional Maturity Through
Crawl, Walk, Run
Calling people to deeper commitment by examining Jesus’s invitations to his followers.
Session 10:
Building the Foundation for Mission in Your Church

Discover how strong missions spring from a healthy, balanced church.

Session 11:
Mobilizing Your Members to Mission

Learn methods to change your church’s culture and mobilize every member to mission.

Session 12:
Become a Missional Multiplier

Learn how to begin coaching other churches in the PEACE Plan model of missions.

Fall 2022 Seats Are Limited

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The PEACE Plan Effect



Participate in
PEACE Plan Training



Utilize PEACE Plan

6 continents


41 countries

Participate in
PEACE Plan Training


U.S. Mission

Receive Weekly Coaching
Through PEACE Plan

Benefits of A PEACE Plan Training

Provides a powerful roadmap for church growth

Holistic, sustainable process within your church

Addresses modern church issues and barriers to successful ministry

Provides access to a regional community of PEACE Plan coaches

Builds mature disciples equipped to share the Gospel

Initiates local and global outreach in your church

Helps increase your church’s influence

Provides ongoing support, tools and guidance to activate your church

Fall 2022: Only 300 Seats Available

Questions? Need more information? Reach out to us here.


PEACE Plan In Action

Fall 2022 Seats Are Limited

Questions? Need more information? Reach out to us here.
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