It was Pastor Rick’s vision early on to partner with a country where The PEACE Plan could be modeled by working with local government and businesses for the development of an entire nation. In 2004, ten years after a genocide that devastated the nation, President Paul Kagame invited Pastor Rick to help Rwanda become a model of PEACE. Local leaders organized a national steering team to help in the rebuilding process, while Saddleback developed a plan to partner with and empower Rwanda’s local churches.

Over a decade later, Rwanda has experienced a complete transformation. Because of the maturity of the church leaders, the openness of the government, and vital presence of transformed believers, the nation stands as a global model of what is possible when the church is empowered to work as God intended it to. Together, the churches of Rwanda have paved the way for sustainable change that will continue to transform the world for generations to come.



Rwandan churches impacted by PEACE

people made first time decisions to follow Christ during the Rwanda National 40 Days of Purpose campaign

church leaders have formed a reconciliation ministry in their churches

Saddleback members have served in the churches of Rwanda

interchurch councils have been established in every district of Rwanda for the purpose of church unity and for church collaboration doing PEACE in their communities

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