Get started with The PEACE Plan training today to learn how to initiate local and global outreach in your church that creates real transformation and unleashes your members to live on mission.

Why Implement The PEACE Plan in Your Church?

As a church leader, you have the opportunity to equip your church with the tools and skills needed to initiate holistic, sustainable, and reproducible solutions to the biggest challenges facing people in your community and communities across the globe.

When you implement The PEACE Plan in your church, you’ll be equipped to develop a discipleship process that:

  • Helps members become more involved and make a real impact
  • Builds mature disciples who are equipped to share the Gospel with others
  • Increases your church’s influence in your community and the world

The PEACE Plan Training Overview

Sign up for our PEACE Plan video webinar to learn how you can implement The PEACE Plan in your church. Our step by step training will guide you through Mission Leader training, along with a variety of courses centered around the 5 global giants and their antidotes.