The PEACE Plan is focused on reclaiming the church’s role as the center of mission. It’s modeled after Jesus’s ministry and put into action through ordinary believers loving their neighbors—no matter where God places them. Ordinary people, empowered by God, doing what Jesus did, wherever they are.


Lets ordinary believers lead

There simply aren’t enough professional doctors to heal all the world’s diseases, or enough preachers to start all the churches that are needed. At the same time, every believer across the globe was designed by God to make an impact. The PEACE Plan is about raising up and equipping ordinary believers with practical skills, unleashing them to create grassroots change right where they are.

Promotes, plants, and partners with the local church

The PEACE Plan is about reclaiming the primacy of the local church in its role in global missions. So often, when we work cross culturally, we enter a community and step around the local church – the very organization designed and best positioned to meet the challenges of their community. When we help the believers of the local church become equipped with tools and training, everyone learns, and the transformational work continues long after visitors leave.

Works top down and bottom up

The PEACE Plan brings together churches of different denominations and cultures to team tackle the largest issues facing the globe. While government, the private sector, and NGOs have a role to play, on their own, they can’t mobilize the exponential force of ordinary church members serving their community. When churches do what only they can do – love their communities in practical ways – sustainable transformation begins to take place.

Imitates Jesus’s model

In Matthew 10 and Luke 10, Jesus laid out instructional missional principles to his disciples. Among them was the idea “Don’t take a purse.” Missions doesn’t have to be costly – it was always meant to be about making disciples, not simply about bringing resources. When we partner to raise up and train other believers, focusing on their spiritual as well as their practical needs, our missional efforts are no longer limited by the size of our purse.

Imitates Jesus' model



The local church as the distribution center for hope in the community


Empowering the Local Church to be the Hero in their Community

Learn how you can implement The PEACE Plan in your church and start making an even bigger impact today.

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