Anglican Bishop Sospeter Ndenza from Tanzania, comes from the remote area of Kibondo near Lake Tanganyika. Representing all protestant churches in that region, he traveled to Rwanda to attend the All-African Pastors’ Conference in early 2016.

His journey came out of a search for hope, realizing that Tanzania was dealing with many of the same problems that Rwanda had once faced. Adding to his concern was the rise rise of Islam in his country. Nearly 40% of the people of Tanzania are practicing Islam, as Muslim communities concentrate in coastal areas. Having witnessed Rwanda’s transformation as a Purpose Driven nation, Bishop Sospeter now longed for tools to help impact his own country.

In 2015, before the election of John Pombe Magufuli—Tanzania’s new President—all churches came together for a time of prayer, seeking a prophetic message for the government. That message cast a vision on transforming the lives and churches across the nation. Coupled with clarity from that moment, Bishop Sospeter felt that what he witnessed during the 2016 PD event in Rwanda, marked a true commissioning to help change his own country. Overseeing 47 pastors in Tanzania, he now shares with them proven PD strategies.

“I’m so pleased to be part of the Purpose Driven Church,” Bishop Sospeter says. “I cherish that role, to help bring Tanzania to a place as Rwanda.”

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